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Hi! I'm Maude Hinely... I'm a proud SCAD graduate blessed with the opportunity to do what I love for a living. This is a little bit about how I run my shop!

I opened my retail shop in 2009 because we did not have a resource to buy wallpaper in our area. We have grown over the years to become one of the largest Wallpaper Libraries and Fabric galleries in the Low Country. It has been a passion of mine to offer each client a unique look that matches their personality. As a full time designer, I get the wonderful opportunity to do this by using colors, patterns, and textures while connecting with new people. 

I offer full design consultation by appointment (and soon as walk-ins!) and can do anything from new home construction to remodeling projects. I welcome the public as well as Trade Designers, and am eager to continue growing the business.


Meet The Team

The Store


Online Shopping

Check us out on Etsy for online browsing of our in-store vintage, handmade, and estate pieces. From Christmas ornaments to antique Ginger Jars, we've got a little bit of everything at LowcountryVintDecor!

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